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Dorian RODDE


Je m'appelle Dorian RODDE, je suis le développeur principal de Legendary Dust dont je suis aussi co-fondateur.

Ancien associés de HADEEN Informatique, je suis actuellement étudiant à l’université Toulouse III Paul Sabatier.

(En cours d’écriture)

Vivian RODDE


My name is Vivian RODDE, I'm the co-founder of Legendary Dust, former partner in the firm HADEEN Informatique and computer science student at the University Toulouse III Paul Sabatier.

I love creating, whether programs, objects, games, graphics or small stuff :)

I am passionate about computers since I met "him" on an Amstrad CPC 6128. It doesn't make us any younger :p

I share my free time, when I have :p, among:
  • Search new independant games: theirs creators make ingenuity to combined little budget, innovative gameplay and perfect playability!
  • Keep me informed of "The world of IT" with blogs, websites, reviews.
  • Test new products as soon as possible.

Here you know :)
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